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IV Therapy

Stat One is now offering IV vitamin therapy. IV therapy is used to help correct nutritional deficiencies, can help your body fend off illness and enhance your immune response, which provides natural healing. IV therapy can also be used to improve energy levels and to slow down the effects of aging.

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Nutrient IV Drip Graphic

Some of the Benefits of IV Therapy Include:

  • Most efficient delivery of nutrients which gives you the maximum effect

  • Bypasses the digestive tract leading to 100% absorption

  • Becomes immediately available to your body’s cells

  • Safely delivers high doses that aren’t tolerated orally

Myer’s Cocktail

  • Combination of magnesium, calcium and various B- vitamins and vitamin C. Used to decrease fatigue, depression, migraine and rhinitis, as well as improve asthma and cardiovascular disease.

  • Price $110 per session

Immune Boost

  • Includes the same ingredients as the Myer’s cocktail with the addition of glutathione and acetylcysteine. These ingredients combined to provide antioxidant and detoxifying agents which are used to reduce oxidative stress and combat cell death.

  • Price $135 per session

Vitamin C Cocktail

  • Used as an antioxidant that fights against oxidative stress and helps to produce collagen in our body. This has also been shown in high doses (25-50 grams) to selectively kill cancer and other G6PD deficient cells as well as suppress tumor proliferation and metastasis.

  • Price $160 per session

  • 40-60 min infusion

Hydration Therapy

  • Hydration therapy is critical for delivery of oxygen and nutrients and removal of toxins. It is also critical for keeping your skin beautiful and smooth, as well as prevents dehydration. It also plays a major role in keeping your body in homeostasis.

  • Price $110 per session